My "Woodland Restoration"

You know you live in a great space in the midst of the city when the tree and landscape service you've hired for spring clean up refer to the job as a "woodland restoration". Those two words reconnected me to the incredible bluff where I live after a long beautiful winter of ice and snow. I was reminded of my role as caretaker of the sacred land on this bluff and the metaphor for the constant need for renewal and restoration on many levels, both physical and spiritual.

The small local (neighborhood!) service I hired is an absolute gem! The owner and his two hired hands are all highly trained in the care of the earth and it was a pleasure to deal with people who don't ever want to trim too much or take out any living thing unnecessarily. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Andy and his company Branch and Bough. Look them up if you need some tender, loving and respectful care of your outdoor environment. The nature spirits and the ancestors of your land will love you for it and you will notice a distinct differerence in the flow of life, both outer and inner after any work they do. Small, family owned and local. A deep respect for the earth. A match made in heaven for my sacred bluff and me.