Saying Goodbye

"Oh mom, I hate to leave you but I must. My time is up and it's as it's meant to be. The timing is perfect- I am getting sicker, faster. Tomorrow morning is perfect.

I will miss you in physical form but will come to visit often. Look for me! I will come back (reincarnate) if that is your desire.

What a nice life we've had together. Thank you for the life you gave me and the opportunity to be a helper. That was my purpose, as a family and person helper, and now I am complete.

It's been a great ride together. I love you all and will miss lolling in the sun patches and swatting at invisible bugs.

I love this life but it is time to leave it for now.

We will see each other again, wherever that may be, and I look forward to it and to feeling better. Love to all, I love you."


This is the last message from a beloved cat who needed to be euthanized in the morning because of very poor health due to kidney problems and suspected cancer. It is a wonderful example of how articulate and thoughtful our animal companions can be. Talking to animals before they leave this life is one of the most difficult yet rewarding parts of my job as a professional animal communicator. I am always honored to be a part of such a situation and thankful that I can be of assistance.