I'm Selling My House and Moving to San Diego!

Yes, you read it correctly, I am making the leap to southern California! There are a variety of reasons for this shift, none of them being that I'm unhappy here.
My Car

One of my best friends is my twenty year old Toyota Corolla wagon. It's the first brand new car I've ever purchased and is absolutely the perfect dog car, especially for the seniors because it's so easy for them to get into. My mechanic has told me that I probably only have one more winter with her because she is so rusted underneath. I need to move to San Diego for the sake of my car!
Little Mister

All winter long my Little Mister spends his days trying to find a little ray of sunlight to bathe in. Many days he can't find one at all and I can see that he goes a little nutso! I need to move to San Diego for the sake of Little Mister, so he can sunbathe to his heart's content.
I'm Restless

I thrive on variety, new experiences and adventures. When I was nineteen after my first year in college I packed up some camping gear, bought a Eur-Rail train pass and traveled around Europe for a year. Quite spontaneously I attended the International Folk High School in Helsingor, Denmark for three months and toured Morocco for two months in a VW magic bus. After I bought my house in 1981 I was restless again so I took a year leave of absence from my teaching position and did a 'world tour' of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Bali followed by six months in Thailand.
Fast forward and I'm restless again. Now, however, my animal family is a bit larger and I'm not so inclined to backpack around the world right now. So I'll settle for an adventure in a new part of the country with a different geography and climate.

I Am Still Working!

I will be working as usual until I leave. I have cut out doing any expos or special events but I am, as always, available for animal communication, psychic readings, shamanic healing, past life regressions and energy healing. I have no deadline for my move so I'm putting one foot in front of the other and going for it with ease and grace! I hope you will support me with helpful tips and any contacts you may have in Southern California. There is always sadness involved in such a change and I do feel called to make this move. The last time I was called to change I left a twenty-two year elementary teaching career to do what I'm doing now. So I think it's best to heed the call!

Vitamen D

I would like to get my Vitamen D from a natural source. So for the sake of my health I need to move to San Diego!

I'm Selling

After a lot of contemplation I have decided to sell my house. It's definitely something I never imagined doing because this place is so special and sacred. I feel it's time for someone else to carry the mantel of tending this space on the bluff and help take it into the next phase of it's mission and vision. The spirits of the land here are excited to merge with new energy and go forward!

Because of the special nature of the house and bluff I will be selling the place on my own. I am the first person outside of the original family who has owned the home since 1882 so it's quite an honor to be here. I am still in the process of finalizing paperwork and getting the house ready to sell so this email is more to plant seeds and start spreading the word.

I have maintained the house quite well so it's in incredibly good shape with mainly cosmetic touches needed. It's approximately 1250 square feet (not including the Spirit Garage, my single car garage-sized detached healing space). There are two bedrooms upstairs with a common center room. The main floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room and a nice sized sitting area and full bathroom for clients. I have an outdoor hot tub and the Spirit Garage boasts a stone, wood burning fireplace and in-floor heat. We are up on a small bluff, a dead-end road with only two other houses, both of which are owner occupied and very quiet. I have a wooded double lot, completely fenced and there is a littlle forest next to me that's owned by the city and cannot be built on because of the steep angle. When people come up here they marvel at the feeling of being in the woods yet three minutes from downtown Saint Paul. I'm located two blocks from Lightsmith in the West Side neighborhood directly across the river from downtown. I'm guesstimating the price to be in the $170's with the probability of competitive bidding because of the unique nature of the place.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in the house and have the financial means to buy it please let me know and I will put you on a first come, first served list to show it when the time comes. Please don't contact me about the house if you are not in the market as my time is limited. I hope to be moving some time this fall.