I'm Still Here!

Hello friends,

Well, things sure do take longer than you think, especially when you're in a hurry! And I have felt in a hurry to streamline my life and move before winter. Alas, the universe seems to have a different timetable than I do!

The very evening in August when I sent out the first news of my move I ended up in the animal ER with my kitty Little Mister. After four visits to three different vets in five days and a near death experience he pulled through. We never did find out definitively why he was so sick...

A few weeks later another kitty family member, one of the half feral boys, had a urinary blockage and ended up in the ER. That one was scary because he was so sick he reverted to his feral roots and became dangerous. I had to wait until he was near death to bring him in so he wouldn't injure me while attempting to get him into a carrier.

Other cats had urinary issues, Zeus ended up violently ill one day and I ended up with a bladder infection (and I rarely get sick). I even had a case of pinkeye which I never had during twenty-two years of elementary school teaching! I looked up bladder issues in the section of Louise Hay's classic book You Can Heal Your Life where she gives an affirmation to help heal whatever ails you. The affirmation for the bladder is, "I comfortably and easily release the old and welcome the new in my life. I am safe." Hmm... Okay, I think I get it. Also very time consuming is the process of going through thirty-four plus years of my life in this house. It's just like doing a life review!

There have been countless other things happening that have slowed my progress down to the point where I'm just taking it one day at a time and feeling thankful that I have no real deadline for moving other than the fact that I want to be there. I'm even contemplating not selling my house and renting it! The real lesson for me in all of this is that there is just so much I can control and the rest I need to let go. Letting go... and that goes full circle back to Louise Hay! My timetable for the move is now spring or summer...or fall. Who knows?!

I'm including some other news notes and items of interest. Please call, text or email if you need me and spead the word about Max and Jingle and my house for sale (or rent). Life is such a fascinating journey!

All the best to you with love, Lena


Exciting News!

This is my most exciting news since my last newsletter... I have a great niece! It's a long and somewhat bizarre story that has come to a beautiful ending but I got to meet Selah for the first time a few weeks ago. She is three and a half and a chip off the old Swanson block! Selah's favorite thing in the whole wide world is ANIMALS so we have a lot in common. I'm looking forward to getting to know her before I move and then having her visit for beach vacations!

More Exciting News!

I have a new, ninety minute audio recording for sale called A Mini Course in Telepathic Animal Communication and it comes with all the handouts from my Animal Communication Part I class. It’s from a talk I gave at the Edge Life Expo in 2013. Only $19.99 for everything which is a great value. You can order it from my website at lenaswanson.com.


I'm teaching my Animal Communication Part I class on Saturday, January 24 at Echo Bodine's Center for Intuitive Living in Minneapolis. Chances are this is the last one I'll be teaching here for awhile so if you've been thinking about taking it please join us! (Remember it's half price for repeaters.)
9:30 am - 5:30 pm, $135

On the Radio

On November 13 I was a guest on Edge Talk Radio with Mary Stoffel. We talked about a variety of topics concerning animal communication and holistic healing. Mary was my very first animal communication teacher!
You can listen to the show at: www.blogtalkradio/edgemagazine.


I have now officiated at two weddings and I don’t even advertise that I do them! More and more people are not interested in having a religious service but do want something spiritual for this sacred event. It's wonderful to be able to offer people this choice. I think I’ll begin to spread the word and do more wedding ceremonies. I love doing them and I'm so thrilled to have this opportunity.

I'm Still Working!

I will be teaching and working as usual until I leave. I am available for animal communication, psychic readings, shamanic healing, past life regressions, house clearings, energy healing and weddings!