San Diego Is Full So I'm Staying Here (for now!)

Well, San Diego is not really full full, it just doesn't have any affordable housing to speak of. When I decided to move there I knew it would be a stretch financially but now the situation is out of control! Rents are going from $1,200 for a very small apartment to $3,000 per month with a 60 day notice. Supply and demand- there are simply not enough places for all of the people who want to live there. I would definitely be having problems with such rent increases if I had moved. With animals in tow the prospects are even more grim...

So, I'm staying here and mulling over Plan B if there even is one! Thank goodness I do love Minnesota for the most part. If the winters were only short, sunny, and warm with no snow I would like it even more!

Lots of great things have happened while I have been preparing to move and then not moving. I've gotten to know my five year old great-niece Selah very well and we have so much in common. She hasn't started kindergarten yet so I get to spend many Thursdays with her and my nephew, taking dog walks at the off leash parks and exploring the cities together. She has an adventurous spirit which I love!

I managed to rehome two cats only to rescue another abandoned house cat two weeks later. George is young and fun and has a huge spirit and energy! My numbers did go down by one... 

While I was preparing to move I had stopped doing events here and severed a lot of ties so it's been a time for reconnecting and renewing. I participated in the Doggie Depot event at the Union Depot in Saint Paul which was fantastic and I'm a vendor at Echo Bodine's monthly Aurapalooza open houses at her center in Minneapolis on the third Saturday of every month. I'm doing more and more psychic readings in addition to my animal communication, shamanic healing and past life regressions. I'm also hoping to do more weddings this year. A little known fact is that I'm a minister with the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a shamanic organization.

I had an amazing group for my weekend Animal Communication Part I and II classes at the end of January. There were record breaking numbers: twenty-two participants on the first day and twelve on the second! I realize how much I love teaching so I want to take my weekend workshop on the road and teach around the U.S. in the hope that I will also relieve some of my itch to travel. If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor me for a weekend workshop please let me know!

In the meantime I have two classes coming up: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying on Sunday, April 10 and Animal Communication Part I on Sunday, May 1. There is still space in both classes so join us if you like. You are always welcome to repeat any of my classes for half price!

Many people I see these days are suprised that I'm still here- they thought I had moved long ago! So please help me spread the word that San Diego is full and that I'm still here (for now!). Right now the plan is to stay hunkered down and enjoy some warm, sunny weather and Minnesota at it's best! I hope to see you around!

Warmly, Lena