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Roy Boy's Story

For all of you Roy Boy fans this is how I found him! Here is his story from the Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) website.

I discovered Roy Boy 4 and 1/2years ago. (It's hard to believe I didn't even have him five years.) His name was Fuzzy which did not seem to fit his essence at all. I asked him what he wanted to be called and he came up with Roy. I added Boy because I thought it was cute. Later I googled the name Roy and found out it means red hair in Gaelic! The guy was a genius from the start!

San Diego Is Full So I'm Staying Here (for now!)

Well, San Diego is not really full full, it just doesn't have any affordable housing to speak of. When I decided to move there I knew it would be a stretch financially but now the situation is out of control! Rents are going from $1,200 for a very small apartment to $3,000 per month with a 60 day notice. Supply and demand- there are simply not enough places for all of the people who want to live there. I would definitely be having problems with such rent increases if I had moved. With animals in tow the prospects are even more grim...

I'm Still Here!

Hello friends,

Well, things sure do take longer than you think, especially when you're in a hurry! And I have felt in a hurry to streamline my life and move before winter. Alas, the universe seems to have a different timetable than I do!

The very evening in August when I sent out the first news of my move I ended up in the animal ER with my kitty Little Mister. After four visits to three different vets in five days and a near death experience he pulled through. We never did find out definitively why he was so sick...

I'm Selling My House and Moving to San Diego!

Yes, you read it correctly, I am making the leap to southern California! There are a variety of reasons for this shift, none of them being that I'm unhappy here.
My Car

Goodbye Mystic (for now)

Dear Friends,

Our beloved Mystic left us on Tuesday with the help of one of my favorite vets and vet techs. He was almost fifteen years old and was tired. His left hip was shot and walking was becoming extremely difficult. I was more and more worried about a debilitating fall and the subsequent pain and trauma. Mystic was ready.

Roy Boy and Class Updates

How quickly things happen these days with the speeding up of time! Zalee let me know that I needed to adopt a dog sooner than later and of course I followed her directions. Who could disobey a deceased loved one?

Give to the Max Day and The Kitten Story Part I

The Kitten Story

My kitten saga began on July 11 of this year, the day I returned home from a wonderful vacation on the North Shore of Lake Superior. My neighbor informed me that she had a mother cat and five kittens living under her deck. Not being an animal lover in any sense of the word her plan was to trap them and bring them to animal control. Of course this meant certain death because nobody would claim them during the five day waiting period. I asked her to please let me trap them and find homes instead.

Using Claire/Zeus as a Tease for the Edge Life Expo!

You know how a radio announcer will always give a tease for what's to come after the commercial break so you'll keep listening? Well I am resorting to this type of shameless manipulation by saving the story of Claire coming back as Zeus for my upcoming keynote next Sunday at the Edge Life Expo. Of course I will blog about it after the event but I do think you will find my talk on "Animals and Death- What They Teach Us About the Dying Process and Beyond" quite interesting. Information on the Expo is below. Also some photos of both Claire and Zeus.

Claire: She's Back!

She's back and her name is Zeus!

More later...

Thinking and Rethinking

I'm beginning to rethink my choice of topics for my keynote talk at the upcoming Edge Life Expo in November. After Claire's death and the passing of many of my animal communication clients I decided to talk about "Animals and Death -What They Teach Us About the Dying Process and Beyond". I thought I had more than enough material for the talk both from a personal perspective and from those animals I have communicated with before and after death.

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