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Rebirth Begins

I'm not sure what it is about me. Maybe it's just that I'm a human being struggling with human being-ness. As Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead observed, "We're all just bozos on the bus!" I'm definitely a bozo. Possibly a queen bozo at that.

Claire's Death- My Rebirth

I can't believe how hard it's been for me to move past Claire's death. Part of me is writing a book inside called Claire's Death- My Rebirth but there is no actual writing to date because the rebirth is not happening. I'm feeling lost without my girl. I think I was more in love with her than merely loving her but that sounds weird and even a bit kinky. But now I realize it's true. I loved her but was actually more in love with her. What I feel now is confused and lost. No wonder it's so hard to get past her death.

Claire's Death - One Week Later

Today it's been a week since she passed on. I realize how much of my attention she always insisted on getting as I open up once again to the other animal souls in my family.

We are all hurting in our own way.

There is an errie silence in the house.

All of the dog toys are laying around inside instead of being collected and delivered to the great outdoors.

I wait for a sign of her presence but receive none.

It's lonely.

Claire's Death

Wrapping My Mind Around...

Saying Goodbye

"Oh mom, I hate to leave you but I must. My time is up and it's as it's meant to be. The timing is perfect- I am getting sicker, faster. Tomorrow morning is perfect.

I will miss you in physical form but will come to visit often. Look for me! I will come back (reincarnate) if that is your desire.

What a nice life we've had together. Thank you for the life you gave me and the opportunity to be a helper. That was my purpose, as a family and person helper, and now I am complete.

My "Woodland Restoration"

You know you live in a great space in the midst of the city when the tree and landscape service you've hired for spring clean up refer to the job as a "woodland restoration". Those two words reconnected me to the incredible bluff where I live after a long beautiful winter of ice and snow. I was reminded of my role as caretaker of the sacred land on this bluff and the metaphor for the constant need for renewal and restoration on many levels, both physical and spiritual.

Minnesota Vikings/ Brett Farve Teach Life Lessons


"I have so much respect for him. The way he played the game. Some guys had to be reminded it is a game and you should have fun playing it. He had fun playing it. He had fun practicing it. He had fun in the locker room, the bus, the airplane."

John Madden

Brett Farve’s official website title is “For the Love of the Game”. It may as well be “For the Love of Life” because this is clearly a person who understands how to get the most out of and enjoy life.

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