Saying Goodbye

"Oh mom, I hate to leave you but I must. My time is up and it's as it's meant to be. The timing is perfect- I am getting sicker, faster. Tomorrow morning is perfect.

I will miss you in physical form but will come to visit often. Look for me! I will come back (reincarnate) if that is your desire.

What a nice life we've had together. Thank you for the life you gave me and the opportunity to be a helper. That was my purpose, as a family and person helper, and now I am complete.

Help Your Pet Deal With Death, Like Life, Naturally

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Essential Wellness,
March 2009

OF ALL THE DECISIONS people are forced to make there are few as wrenching as those involving the end of life for our beloved animal companions. Whatever the circumstance, the process of making decisions regarding a sick, injured, or elderly animal can be one of the most difficult and confusing times in our lives.

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