My Free Talk at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community's Fall Festival and Psychic Fair

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community's Halloween Psychic Fair- Saturday, October 26, 10 am-6 pm

This is a wonderful psychic fair complete with a variety of free forty-five minute workshops! I will be giving a workshop entitled:

"Animals and Death-What They Teach Us About the Dying Process and Beyond"

One of the most difficult parts of being in relationship with animals is when they leave us. Join professional animal communicator Lena Swanson for a fascinating glimpse into what animals think about death, the process of dying and what lies beyond for them and for us. From hundreds of conversations with ill and dying animals and her personal experiences with her own animals passing on, Lena will help clarify:

*How do animals view death?

*What happens to animals after they die?

*How do animals feel about euthanasia versus a natural death?

*Animals and reincarnation- Do animals come back and how does it work?

There will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions.

Watch my website for more information or go to Lake Harriet's web site at: