New Fargo Holistic Expo

I am on of the keynote speakers at this event and will present A Mini Course in Telepathic Animal Communication from 10-11:30 am Saturday April 20. Tickets are $19 if purchased in advance online. Here is the link: Below is a description of my workshop:

"Lena Swanson presents an incredible 90-minute condensed version of her popular day-long animal communication class. Imagine using telepathy to understand what your animals are saying to you! Imagine being able to speak with them in the same way they communicate with each other! What they have to say will surprise you, enlighten you, and change your life together forever. In this seminar Lena will help you gain skills to:
• Explore the basic techniques of communicating with animals telepathically;
• Expand trust in your own intuition to help you in everyday life;
• Have fun and feel supported as you enter the real world of animal communication."


Please let anyone who lives in that area know about this event. It's a one-of-a-kind for that region! Or maybe you need a break and would like to do a road trip and join us... please do!


EDGE LIFE’S NEW FARGO HOLISTIC EXPO is an inspired event focused on sharing the finest holistic approaches available in the Upper Midwest. This two day event is an emporium of gifts, products and information to support holistic life — including health, ecology, community and a balance of mind, body and spirit. There will be 84+ exhibitors including health and wellness providers, 5 keynote speakers, 26 FREE Workshops, 12 intuitive consultants, specialty gift products, art, spirituality resources, and more. Wolf Treasurers will serve as the official expo bookstore.