Shamanic Sundays

Shamanic Sundays are six all-day shamanic nature field trips to local power spots. We will spend the day together celebrating and working in partnership with the spirits. Activities will include both group and individual exploration and deepening of our relationships with animals, the elements, nature spirits, and the devic realms. Basic journeying skills are a prerequisite. (See my class dates for beginning journeying classes. Individual sessions are also available.)

Class Fee: The cost for each class is $126.00. Please mail a $72 non refundable deposit check to hold your place made out to Lena Swanson with your address, phone(s), and email address to: Lena Swanson PO Box 18641, Saint Paul, MN 55118. If you would like to pay with a credit or debit card call me at 651-206-0644. Further information and directions will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.

Class size is limited so it is recommended that you sign up ASAP!