Welcome to the virtual home of my holistic health care practice, Lena Swanson, Animal Communication and Holistic Healing. I serve both people and animals in a variety of ways as a Lena and the Dogsprofessional animal communicator, psychic, shamanic practitioner, past life regression facilitator and Reiki Master.

My purpose is to work with entire families to provide services that best meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each family member, both human and animal. I invite you to explore my site and discover some new options in health care for both yourself and your animals. My goal is to serve both animals and people and allow this beautiful relationship to deepen and flourish.

Feel free to contact me at 651-206-0644 or at lena@lenaswanson.com. I look forward to connecting!

All the best to you,

Lena, Mystic, Naca Na Cha and Zalee



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The 3 Keys to Communicating With Animals 

Wednesday, March 23, 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 6 pm GMT

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Discover the 3 essential principles for uncovering your natural intuitive ability to communicate with animals and form a deeper connection with all of life.

Key #1: Discovering and Connecting to Your Energy Body

Key #2: Quieting and Clearing the Mind

Key #3: Your Intuitive Center - Opening The ‘Third Eye’

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My Story

I am often asked how one becomes an animal communicator so here is a bit of my story. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent most of my 20’s traveling in Europe and Central America either by train or van. I lived in Switzerland for two years and fooled around with working, studying French and German and hanging out with my Swiss German friends. I love to travel and was completely bored following the traditional school path.
I did finally settle down and got my Elementary Education and Master's degrees and ended up in the English as a Second Language program in Saint Paul. I loved that career so much! I taught mostly 4th-6th grade Hmong kids in small groups and immersed myself in their language and culture. I was especially fascinated by the Hmong shaman, never realizing at the time I would eventually be called to that path.
In 2001 one of my older Golden Retrievers had developed terrible arthritis. Someone suggested I try Reiki energy healing with her. After a few sessions the Reiki practitioner told me that I was very intuitive and suggested I take an animal communication class because of my strong love for animals. I had never even heard of it! I did take a few classes and it turned out that communicating with animals telepathically was quite easy for me. I began practicing on my friends’ animals and had very good results. I also became a Reiki master.
Then my world turned upside down. Three weeks after 9/11 my sister died unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism. I was responsible for clearing out her house and selling it but couldn’t face the task. I was too heartbroken. Then I read Echoes of the Soul by Echo Bodine. She wrote about her experience of soul retrieval with a local shaman and talked about some of the symptoms of soul loss. She was describing me!
I had a shamanic healing and was then able to take care of my sister’s estate. In the process I was called to the shamanic path as a healer. I had taken a leave of absence from teaching and never went back. In the span of six months my life changed completely. I began doing animal communication and shamanic healing professionally, full-time. After a few years I began to teach both animal communication and shamanic journeying classes. I also did advanced training in past life regression and added that to my practice. Then, with strong encouragement from a well-known local psychic, I began to offer psychic readings.
If something aided me on my own healing path I added it to my practice to better serve others. I love what I do and feel blessed that I heard and heeded ‘the calling’.