Animal Communication

“I had the opportunity to work with Lena for several freelance television production and writing projects a few years ago. She was so wonderful to work with and was a terrific interviewee. She did animal communication with my dog and cat and what she said was so accurate. She is by far one of the best and most compassionate in the animal spiritual world.”

Mary Tan (former Channel 4 WCCO TV reporter), Minneapolis


"Lena's animal communication skills are invaluable. She has helped our dogs with everything from behavior issues to health problems to household training --there isn't an aspect of their lives that she hasn't improved. Animal communication sessions have solved minor problems, led to major breakthroughs, given us peace of mind, and strengthened our bonds with our animals. Lena is as important to our dogs' well-being as their vet."

B.L., Minneapolis


Telepathic or Intuitive Communication

How It Works

The process of communicating with animals who are not physically present is referred to as telepathic or 'distance-feeling' communication. I make this connection through your own strong, energetic bond with your animal companion and a three-way conversation follows which can include exchanging psychic images, words, feelings and physical sensations. I view myself as an interpreter in a conversation between you and your animals.

We are all born with the gift of telepathy but unlearn it as we grow up due to pressures from family and society that such communication is impossible. Anyone can learn animal communication through study and consistent practice and most people are actually connecting with their animals in this way without even realizing it. I regularly teach classes in animal communication and the participants are quite successful! See Class Offerings and my Welcome page for more information.

How It Helps


Animal communication can be an important tool in solving behavior problems, getting information for your veterinarian or simply having a chat with your best friend. Finding lost animals, preparing for a vet visit, travel, or a move and getting information about physical issues are common reasons to consult a communicator. It is also possible to connect with deceased animals and this can help heal issues of guilt, sadness or grief over the loss of an animal friend.

Many times animals' illnesses or behavior problems are simply the 'mirroring' of their person's personal issues. This is part of their purpose in our lives. I have actually talked with many animals who say they cannot get well until their people move onto an appropriate healing path because of the strong commitment our animals have to their human companions. Animal communication frequently has the ripple effect of helping harmonize whole households of four legged and two legged creatures.

Changing Behavior

Animal communication sessions can be very revealing for all involved. For example, a cat who had been relieving itself periodically on the couch for two years with no physical cause provided insight into the grieving process. One of the cat's human companions had left permanently without warning and it was as if a death had occurred for the cat. After it was explained to him exactly what had happened and his grief over the loss was acknowledged by the rest of the family, the problem behavior ceased immediately. Clients have even told me that an animal's behavior changed dramatically after merely setting up the communication appointment!

Seeing things from an animal's perspective can open the way to meaningful discussion and compromise and can help resolve even the most difficult issues. Once the lines of communication are open the relationship becomes more harmonious and is deepened in a way not otherwise possible.


Unlike many communicators I don't require you to pay in advance for a 30, 45 or 60 minute block of time. I like to keep it flexible (and less stressful!) so you will only pay for the time you use, that is, the time we talk about or with your animal not including our friendly chatting at the beginning and/or end. To clarify, you will be charged for the time needed to get your animal’s description, information about the issues you’d like to discuss, questions you have for them and the actual conversation. My rate is $2.75 per minute with a 15 minute minimum. I prefer payment by check because of the extra fees assoociated with other methods. But I do accept PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, credit or debit cards. My PayPal account is I like checks because they save me so much time and money!

Also, unlike many communicators, this is my full-time profession along with my holistic healing practice so I am available days, evenings and weekends. There is no extra charge for emergency sessions and I will always fit you in as I am able. I also don’t charge for missed appointments as I understand that things may come up.

Note: Animal communication should not be used as a substitute for regular veterinary care.