Roy Boy and Class Updates

How quickly things happen these days with the speeding up of time! Zalee let me know that I needed to adopt a dog sooner than later and of course I followed her directions. Who could disobey a deceased loved one?

Enter Roy Boy (formerly Fuzzy) our newest family member! He came on Monday night, December 3, and is a 64 pound bundle of energy and love! If you look at his story (Fuzzy 12-181) you’ll see that he has had quite a checkered past -neglected for nine long years and then returned twice by adoptive families. The perfect dog for us! In spite of this he is a typical Golden, full of unconditional love and affection. And he is extremely handsome!

He came with the name Fuzzy so the first order of business was a new name. He gave me a few suggestions that didn’t quite fit and then mentioned the name Roy. Okay, I thought; short and sweet and completely different from his previous name (which is fine since he didn’t have very good experiences being called Fuzzy). I thought about it and then decided to look up the meaning of the name Roy. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that it means ‘red-haired’ in Gaelic. These animals are clever beings!

We are beginning Day 2 and so far so good. He had his first trip to the off leash park yesterday and was so friendly to everyone, loving up so many people he forgot who he came with! He especially loved anyone with a tennis ball so I got plenty of exercise going between Mystic’s slow pace and finding out which new people Roy had adopted. Luckily the place is fenced!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and expressions of sympathy for the passing of Zalee. She is a special soul and will always hold a huge place in my heart. Zalee was with me through the profound changes in my life during the last eleven years. I was still working as an elementary teacher when I adopted her! She saw me through my sister’s unexpected death, my resignation from teaching and the founding and expansion of my practice in animal communication and healing. Thank you Zalee!

Class News

I will be scheduling a day-long, beginning shamanic journeying class for January and another animal communication class in February. Watch for actual dates on my web site.

Ongoing Shamanic Journeying

My shamanic journeying classes that meet every other week will begin again after the New Year. These are usually Monday evenings from 7-9 pm. I will offer sessions for both people with extensive journeying experience and those who have taken a journey class but want more experience. The description follows:

These classes are a continuation for anyone who has already experienced an 'introduction to shamanic journeying' workshop from any teacher. I will assist you in taking your journey work deeper on a consistent basis. I will teach techniques to guide you in a variety of extraordinary experiences including healing, information gathering, ceremony and the exploration of Sandra Ingerman's Medicine for the Earth work and Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth. We will meet for seven sessions. The cost is $280. (Payment arrangements can be made.)

My best wishes for the holiday season and 12.21.12. It will be what it will be, so my plan is to 'let go'!