Roy Boy's Story

For all of you Roy Boy fans this is how I found him! Here is his story from the Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) website.

I discovered Roy Boy 4 and 1/2years ago. (It's hard to believe I didn't even have him five years.) His name was Fuzzy which did not seem to fit his essence at all. I asked him what he wanted to be called and he came up with Roy. I added Boy because I thought it was cute. Later I googled the name Roy and found out it means red hair in Gaelic! The guy was a genius from the start!

If you have a chance read his entire story as it is very well written by his RAGOM fosters and is pretty amazing. When I got him he was on a lot of medication but through a raw diet and holistic supplements he was able to stop his seizure medication completely and go to the lowest amount of thyroid meds. He got to swim almost every day at the Minnehaha off leash dog park. I work at home so he was rarely without a human around and he always had one or two Golden buddies to hang with. We were a perfect match.

We are so lonely now without him.