Essential Oils

I have experienced a great deal of success in using aromatherapy in the form of essential oils for both myself and my animals.

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, barks and seeds of plants. Chemically they are very complex consisting of hundreds of different naturally occurring chemical compounds. They are highly concentrated (it often takes an entire plant or more to produce a single drop of distilled essential oil) and they are far more potent than dried herbs.

The scent of organic essential oil can induce an amazing power as they influence our moods. Our sense of smell is the most direct path to our emotions and organic essential oils can have a very beneficial effect not only on our minds but also on our physical well being. Animals also respond very well to essential oils, especially horses and dogs. However, essential oils should not be directly applied to cats, birds and other small animals as they do not metabolize oils in the same way.

My preferred brand is Young Living Essential Oils because of their purity and therapeutic grade quality (meaning they can be safely ingested!) I invite you to take a look at their web site at and explore this very effective and pleasant form of holistic healing. There are also many personal care and cleaning products that are 100% pure and safe for people and pets!

How to Order

To order go to and click on 'Become a Member' in the upper right hand corner. You then have the choice to either become a member or place an order at retail prices. Be sure to enter my member number (#623098) as the referring person and/or as the enroller.

If you choose to become a member you are then able to purchase a distributor kit. A distributor kit allows you to receive a perfect variety of oils, samples and a diffuser (with the Premium Kit) at a cost significantly lower than the combined cost of the products individually. The real advantage is that you then get wholesale pricing (24% less than retail) permanently and can participate in the Essential Rewards program for reduced shipping and free product. The only requirement is a 50 point value (pv) purchase (approximately $50.00) every year to keep your distributor account 'active'. The distributor kit can actually pay for itself with the savings on your first order!

(Please note: the use of aromatherapy is not intended as a substitute for medical or veterinary care.)