Flower Essences

Emotional health

Flower Essences help both animals and people with emotional health and well being. Environmental changes, physical illness or trauma and emotional stress may contribute to emotional imbalances that can be effectively treated with flower essences. Some people and animals may be more predisposed to emotional upset due to their genetic makeup and personality. Animal companions may also act like mirrors in reflecting the emotional state of their human counterparts. Flower essences address emotional issues so they may be processed in a healthy way and naturally resolved.


In the 1930's Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician, discovered thirty-eight specific flower essences and their power in healing the spirit and mind. The essences are derived by bathing flowers in spring water in the presence of bright sunlight. The healing energy of the flower is infused into the water and then preserved with a small amount of alcohol.

No side effects

The essences work to balance emotional states in both people and animals. Like homeopathic remedies they can do no harm and are extremely dilute, nontoxic, and cannot be overdosed. There are no side effects associated with flower essences and they will not harm other animals who may ingest them because the remedy is specifically created for the individual. Flower essences are completely compatible with all other treatment modalities and medications. If you feel your animal companion may be mirroring your emotional state you might want to consider flower essences for yourself as well.


Up to seven different remedies may be chosen and placed in a one-ounce dropper bottle (referred to as a dosage bottle) which is then used to administer the remedy. I use organic apple cider vinegar as a preservative for animals and people who will tolerate it, otherwise no preservative is added and the bottle should be kept in the refrigerator.

How to Administer the Essences

Frequency of dosing is more important than the amount given. A few drops applied three to four times per day for three to four weeks gives optimal results.

For people the drops are best taken under the tongue. In dogs they can be given in the mouth, on the paw pads, inside the ear flaps or dropped on the nose. With cats, rubbing the remedy at the base of the ear on the bald spot in front is the most effective. Flower essences are least effective when given in food or further diluted in water.


I would be happy to make up custom dosage bottles for you or your animal companions. Please consult the specific lists of the essences and how they work with both animals and people found in the main page contents. Then email me with your choices and mailing address or call 651.206.0644 to place an order.

Please note: Flower essences are not meant to replace conventional medical or veterinary treatment.