Past Life Regression

“I just have to thank you so much for that past life regression because it has helped me so much! One week after our session I am finally crazy in love with someone who is not the man I have been obsessed with in such an unhealthy way! I feel so free and I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!”

S.T., San Francisco

Do you have unexplained feelings, fears or phobias that have no apparent cause in this lifetime?

Are there patterns you struggle with but are unable to break?

Do you wonder what gifts and strengths you possessed in past lifetimes that could be helpful to you now?

Past Life RegressionIf so, past life regression sessions may be beneficial as you pursue your healing path and explore a deeper understanding of your relationships with people and even your animal companions.

Past life regression under light hypnosis is a powerful tool for spiritual exploration and growth. Hypnosis allows you to bypass the logical, judgmental mind and focus on the ‘wants and needs' deep in your subconscious mind.

These sessions can help to resolve limiting beliefs, relationship problems, addictions, health issues and blocks to living life to its fullest potential. Contrary to traditional thought you were not born a blank slate. We have all come into this world with a certain amount of old baggage and a regression session is an excellent tool that can help lighten your load.

Sessions begin with a discussion of and honing in on the intention for the regression. This is wirtten succinctly and then used as a prompt during the 'induction' phase to light hypnosis as I assist you in going deeply enough to access your higher self and a related past life or lives. With my expert facilitation you are then guided through the past life and as the issues come forward that are causing difficulty in the present lifetime they are healed.

I have both introductory and advanced training with Julia Ingram, author of The Lost Sisterhood and co-author of The Messengers and I highly recommend both books. Sessions are typically two hours in length and the fee is $225. Please feel free to call (651-206-0644) or email for more information.