Psychic Readings

"In addition to working with Lena as an animal communicator, I've consulted her for questions about my health and many other topics pertaining to my own life. These readings have been extremely helpful for clarifying more deeply what's really going on  and then for seeing the best course of action to take from there. I'm very grateful for these sessions as her readings have helped to "lighten the load" and have directly assisted my healing process in multiple ways. I am looking forward to working with her in further psychic readings as well as animal communication for my beloved pet bird. I love the fact that she can do both in one session!" 

I.R., Hawaii


"Lena Swanson has been a phenomenal source of healing for me. Through her psychic readings I have touched new depths within myself. She has helped me shift dark areas in my life into light. She has helped me understand and transform my fear of abandonment. She is very safe, gentle, compassionate, and clear. Through her readings I have gained new understandings and insights about my life. I have gained so much healing and wisdom from Lena. I recommend her psychic readings from the core of my heart."

A.M., Minneapolis


What Is a Reading Like?

During a psychic reading I connect with my spirit guides, angels and shamanic helping spirits on your behalf. Your guides and angels will also participate. I receive words, images, feelings and a knowing about whatever questions you pose. These sessions can be done either by phone or in person and cover any topics you desire. Common themes include relationships, finances, health, family, travel, spirituality and life direction.

Training and Experience

Over the years many psychics have asked me for help with their animals because they either aren't good at animal communication or they are too close to the situation. When we have traded services they have always encouraged me to do psychic readings for people myself and that's how I got started. My clients love it because they can ask questions for both themselves and their animals in the same session!

I have been doing mediumship work with deceased animals for many years. Frequently clients would also ask me to connect with their deceased human loved ones. It’s been gratifying to bring comforting messages from the other side to my clients. In March of 2012 I attended an intensive, week long training with renowned medium James Van Praagh. I have also studied with Echo Bodine, a very gifted, nationally known healer, psychic and medium from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I don't advertise as a medium but I'm happy to do this work when asked.


Unlike many psychics I don't require you to pay in advance for a 30, 45 or 60 minute block of time. I like to keep it flexible (and less stressful!) so you will only pay for the time you use with a 15 minute minimum. My fee is $2.75 per minute payable by credit or debit card at the completion of our session.

This is my full-time profession along with my holistic healing practice so I am available days, evenings and weekends. There is no extra charge for emergency sessions and I will always fit you in as I am able. I also don’t charge for missed appointments as I understand that things may come up.

Note: Readings are informational in nature and should not be used as a substitute for traditional medical care.