Psychic Symposium 2010

"Do Animals Have Souls?"

Keynote Address by Lena Swanson

11:00 am - 12:30 pm
$19 (fee includes your $9 entrance fee to the Psychic Symposium)
Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  Call 763.427.1312 to reserve your space. 

If you’ve ever wondered what lies beyond the beautiful eyes of your animal companions this workshop is for you. Join professional animal communicator Lena Swanson for a fascinating exploration of the souls of our companion animals. Lena will share the incredible experiences she’s had speaking with animals and answer the following questions:

Do animals have souls? What are they like? Are they different or the same as human souls? Can an animal have a past life as a human or a human as an animal?

You will also discover:

the role of our companion animals, both living and deceased, as spirit guides
techniques for you to know who your companion animal spirit guides are and how to better communicate with them

Bonus: Lena will do short telepathic animal communication sessions with a few participants whose names are randomly drawn!

All participants will receive a coupon for 10% off any animal communication session or class!

Additional Information

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