What Is A Shaman And What Do They Do? Workshop at LHSC

What Is A Shaman And What Do They Do?

If you’ve heard the words shaman, shamanism or shamanic healing and have no idea what they mean, or do know but want more information this workshop is for you. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. Many of our modern day spiritual practices have their roots in shamanism. Explore this beautiful practice and discover how it can provide a deep connection to spirit and profound healing. There will be a short, guided shamanic journey so you may experience it for yourself.

Lena Swanson has been a full time shamanic healer, professional animal communicator, psychic, past life regression facilitator and Reiki master since 2002. Her holistic healthcare practice focuses on achieving and maintaining wellness for both people and animals. She also teaches a variety of animal communication and shamanic journeying classes. Lena has been featured on television and radio and is available as a speaker for conferences and special events. 651-206-0644

This talk is part of the LHSC's Fall Psychic Fair. Click here for more details!